Paperlogix Document Scanner

Paperlogix Document Scanner APK Download

By Onloft Software LLC



Get organized with Paperlogix document scanner. Powerful rules and workflows let you automatically sort, organize, and archive your scans. Take advantage of folders, tags, and convenient drag and drop. Fine tune colors, whiten backgrounds, and so much more. Capture Scans with Your Camera • Automatic cropping detects document edges • Correction for skew and perspective distortion • Background whitening for clean, paper white scans • Scan in color, grayscale, or black & white • Scan multi-page documents • Snap scans automatically with Auto Capture Organize Scans • Organize with nested folders • Create tags to quickly access your documents or folders • Move or tag items with iOS 11 drag and drop View and Edit Scans • Perform text recognition right on your device • Browse multi-page scans • Adjust colors, brightness, contrast, and rotation • Whiten backgrounds • Precision crop tool with magnifier • Instantly revert back to your original camera images Navigate • Instantly access recent documents • Instantly access tagged items and favorites • Find documents and folders with pull down search bar Automate • Create workflows to automate common actions such as renaming, moving, or uploading documents • Create rules to perform actions automatically • Automatic text recognition for processing text rules • View the status of all your automation actions • Export and Import your workflows and rules Make Rules • Perform actions when documents contain specific text • Perform actions when documents are created • Perform actions when documents are added to a folder • Perform actions when documents are tagged Choose from Automation Actions • Rename document • Move to folder • Tag document • Upload to Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box cloud services • Save to Photos • Compose Email • Compose Message Share Your Scans • Export scans as PDF documents or JPEG images • Share to iOS, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box • Encrypt exported PDF documents