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By Visual Statement, LLC



Hugo Box - designed by our artist Hugo. He has been teaching art classes in elementary school over 10 years. He believes with this app painting and drawing can be easy and fun!   Hugo brings us a set of well-designed templates includes our cute chubby girl (also our staff favorite), we can change her with different dresses, hair, etc. Also, we can rotate, scale her arms, heads, legs... and even transform their shapes freely.  Of course, we can change color.  The Magic Ball at right-top corner let us can choose unlimited colors.   This version includes five categories of templates or ~800 distinguished parts we can use.  With Vector Picture technology, these pictures will always keep best quality when you're playing around with these shapes and also make the size of our app much smaller (less 20MB) and provide so much content at same time. Technology   We provide a whole new way to painting and drawing.  It'll brings everyone a splendid experience in painting or creating whatever you like   Basically, our app can do both painting color and drawing shapes with our unique tools "Magic Balls" at both side of screen's top area   Learning Mode, you create your work from a pre-designed template - change colors, move, rotate, scale and "free transform" each part. - Switch between parts like different cloth, shoes, even eyes, hair, noes, tires, etc. and it's just fun. - Unlimited Color choice, we provide a easy way to let you adjust the Hub, Saturate, Bright separately. - Best Quality Result, all the parts are created and treated as vector picture, you can transform/scale them freely without impact image's quality.     Creating Mode, in this mode, an experienced user, he or she can create sophisticated painting from scratch with some additional tools - Draw a shape from scratch and then change color, rotate or transform as you like - Group several parts together - Change the order of shapes - Access many pre-design parts In Memory of Ming, former CEO of Visual Statement